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An Introduction to Software-Enabled Flash™ Technology

Learn how Software-Enabled Flash™ (SEF) technology can make flash memory more powerful and more valuable for hyperscale, cloud, and storage developers.

Webinar: Software-Enabled Flash™ Technology Features, Functions, and Capabilities

Technical dive into the hardware and APIs provided by Software-Enabled Flash™ (SEF) technology, and how they can provide benefits to applications.

Webinar: What if Flash was Software Defined?

Examine how the new software defined flash capabilities of Software-Enabled Flash can fundamentally change the way storage and the host interact.

Multiprotocol Support for Software-Enabled Flash

Learn how the powerful, software-defined multiple protocol support of Software-Enabled Flash can provide a simplified infrastructure and TCO savings at scale.

Software-Enabled Flash SDK – Reference FTL

See how the SDK’s reference flash translation layer (FTL) allows applications to utilize the power of Software-Enabled Flash technology with minimal changes. Queueing and data placement are application controllable, as well as background processes such as garbage collection.

Software-Enabled Flash SDK – Reference Virtual Drivers

See how the SDK provides a way for virtualized applications to be deployed on Software-Enabled Flash Units without any application changes.

Software-Enabled Flash SDK – CLI

Learn about the Software-Enabled Flash SDK’s command line interface (CLI) and how it can be used to manage devices manually or programmatically.

Multiple Workloads and Protocols: One Software-Defined Solution

Find out how Software-Enabled Flash can unify flash storage via its software-defined multi-protocol capabilities, and how this can result in better TCO for different cloud-scale workloads.

Software-Enabled Flash at the OCP Global Summit

Listen to an update on Software-Enabled Flash project and technology, as given at the OCP Global Summit in October, 2022.

Building Flash-Aware Applications with the Software-Enabled Flash™️ SDK

Learn how to build storage applications tuned for flash memory using the upcoming Software-Enabled Flash SDK, presented by Senior Fellow Rory Bolt.